Without Heart Tour Q & A

Senior Writer: Kamilah McLeod

June 13, 2018

1. How did it feel to be getting ready for the "Without Heart Tour"with Brave heart?

We’re really excited for the Without Heart Tour! Having done an in state run with Brave Heart last year we knew that we wanted them to be apart of our first Southwest tour. The preparation has been a breeze, and to be playing out of state with another great band is going to be a blast. We feel ready to expand out of California, and to bring our music with us

2. What inspires you to write your songs?

Our music stems from a wide variety of things. Mainly being our personal lives or issues we’ve seen rapidly growing since we were younger. Our biggest goal is to bring the music community together, by letting them know they are not alone.

3. How did you come up with your stage name?

We got the name Without Hope from one of our former members. We liked the way it sounded, and it really helped us spread our true over the years.

4. How long have you guys been a group and where did you meet?

We’ve been a band for four and a half years now. We all went to the same high school together, and met throughout our years there. Luckily we were able to build a great friendship as well as build up this project together.

5. How long have you been in the music business?

We’ve been in the music business for four years, despite us being a band for a little longer. We truly didn’t get involved until our vocalist Nemo fully took over the reigns as our only vocalist.

6. What was the concept behind the song "Color Blind"?

Color Blind is about feeling out of place like you just don’t belong. As if all around you is vibrant and full of color, but you just emit black and white. Towards the end you will find hope.

7. Who are some of your musical influences?

Some of our influences are- Reflections, Invent, Animate, Silent Planet, Dayseeker, and Northlane

8. What's your band's sound?

We classify ourselves as a metal core band. We do have ambient parts in our music, but as a whole we are modern metal core

9. What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Keep grinding. We’ve been working really hard for over four years now, and still have a lot of work to do. Regardless of what people say as long as your love and passion for what you want to do is strong just remember you will get to your goals.

10. What do we have to look forward to hearing and seeing from you?

We put out our first full length last fall called In Search Of. Along with Color Blind being released we are already working on our next record which should come out sometime in 2019. Besides that we will be playing shows regularly for the remainder of the year!

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