Q & A with UFC Lightweight Drakkar Klose

Senior Writer: Christobal Flores

August 2, 2017

1. I see you're a professional UFC fighter from South Haven Michigan born in Kalamazoo Michigan. I see your background is in wrestling.

 Yes my background was in college at North Idaho I was there for two years then I transferred to Liddenwood University for 1 year.

2. Did you play any sports when growing up? If so which sports?

    Yes I played Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling,Track and Football

3. MMA fighting requires a lot of training, whats your day like?

My training consists of strength and conditioning, private striking session with coach typically one hour long then I rest for a couple hours, I head back to my training center and spend two more hours of team training.

4. Tell us something about yourself that our Hear Our City audience would never know about you.

 I'm a Mamas Boy.


5. Besides being home when you're not traveling, where do you like to travel to the most? What's your dream vacation trip?

I like visiting Las Vegas however one day I would like to visit Brazil.

6. When growing up did you have a favorite sports player? If so who and why?

I always liked Derek Jeter mainly because he was always humble when playing and he was from my hometown of Kalamazoo Michigan.

7. Did you have any other family members that played sports ? 

Yes, I've got four other brothers that played multiple sports.Two of them were State qualifiers and one was two time state wrestling champ. My brother Kamron was an 3X all American wrestler in college as well.

8. If you never became an professional MMA fighter, what other sport would you have played? 

I would have loved being a pro football player but I was under sized at my position. 

You can follow him on Instagram @drakkar_klose