Q & A with In The Whale

September 25, 2018

Senior Writer: Kamilah McLeod

1. How did you come up with your band name? 


Watch the "Pleasure Island" scene in Pinocchio and you'll understand J 



2. With your heavy touring schedule do you have time to ever miss or go back home to Denver? 

We miss home quite a bit while on tour. We're out about 130 days a year on average so we definitely cherish the time we get with our loved ones when we're at home. 




3. How did it feel to be touring with the Descendents? 

The shows we did with them in June we're absolutely phenomenal. It was an honor to be able to share the stage with those guys. They are shows we will never forget. 




4. How excited are you for releasing your new EP “Dopamine”? 

We were honestly pretty nervous at how our fans would react to the record because the sound is a bit of a departure from our other recordings. So far, it's been very well received, so it's a relief! We actually made three different Billboard charts with our first week sales, so we feel very fortunate. 



5. Do you have anyone or event that inspires your music? 

Every song is different, lyrically. It's really just about things that happen in our lives: being on the road, relationships, nostalgia, bullying... Everything really. Sonically, bands like Deftones, Chevelle, Helmet, and Clutch inspired the most recent recording. 



6. Can you give us any insight on what to expect from your new EP? 

Type "In The Whale" into Spotify. Find the album "Dopamine." Click play. 



7. Do you plan to take your tour internationally? 

Next year, hopefully. Cross your fingers! 



8. Do you plan to do more festivals this year? 

Not this year, but hopefully next year! 



9. If you could meet anyone in the entertainment world… who would you want to meet and why? 

We want to meet Gordon Ramsay and have him cuss us out! That'd be a dream come true! 



10. What advice would you give to a person/band who is trying to do what you do? 

Play live A LOT, be nice to everyone you meet, let go of your ego, get a guitar tuner, get on and off stage as fast as possible.

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