Out soon: Salim Nourallah (alternative, indie singer-songwriter) releasing "Somewhere South of Sane" on September 28th

September 14, 2018

Respected Dallas, TX-based singer/songwriter/producer/musician-of-many-trades Salim Nourallah is set to release a sprawling double-album, Somewhere South of Sane, on September 28, 2018 on Palo Santo Records.  His seventh solo album, it is Nourallah’s boldest work yet, exploring the desolation of peace in America (“Relief”), the implosion of a marriage (“A Betrayal”), madness of a life lived among the record stacks (“Boy in a Record Shop”), and is nothing short of a musical odyssey.  

To introduce each track from the album prior to the release date, Nourallah has a “song a day” premiere series already underway that is running for the 21 weekdays leading up the album release date.  For this series, Nourallah has partnered up with a slew of premiere outlets large and small (including Mxdwn, Atwood Magazine, Blast Echo, Independent Clauses, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Vents Magazine, East of 8th, AXS.com, GhettoBlaster,Magnet Magazine, Imperfect Fifth, PopMatters, Ghost of Blind Lemon, Glide Magazine, Ground Sounds, Soundbard, The Recoup, and others), and each track from the album is being unveiled in order. The series kicked off on August 29th.  Nourallah is posting about each song and premiere on socials on the premiere date as a way of rolling out the album, song-by-song, in the order the tracks appear on the double-record.

“This record has been different for me in a lot of respects - not just the obvious one, it being my first double album,” Nourallah says.  “The waiting period between completion and release of an album is usually excruciating for most musicians. I've experienced it many times, but this is the first time I've actually enjoyed the process. My publicist’s idea to roll out four EPs and then premiere one song a day three weeks in advance of the album's release has ended up being a fun and completely different way to fill that waiting-period gap.  It's amazing to celebrate each individual premiere -- I appreciate all of the outlets' help in spreading the word about truly independent music!”

Nourallah plans to tour in Texas in October to celebrate the release of Somewhere South of Sane in the live setting; joining Nourallah on the road are Marty Willson-Piper (from The Church) and Danny Green (from Laish).  Confirmed tour schedule:

October 11: Fort Worth, TX - Fort Worth Live (tickets)
October 12: San Antonio, TX - Tobin Center for the Performing Arts (tickets)
October 13: Austin, TX - Cactus Cafe (tickets)
October 15: Marfa, TX - Hotel Saint George
October 18: Denton, TX - PAAC Arts Center (tickets)
October 19-20: Dallas, TX - Palo Santo Galactic Headquarters (tickets and tickets)

About Somewhere South of Sane:
Recorded and mixed mostly at Salim Nourallah’s Pleasantry Lane Studio in Dallas, the self-produced album is an honest, often brutal introspective exercise that is relatable, heartbreaking, and amusing all at the same time. With the two-fisted melancholy of John Lennon and the elegant bluntness of Neil Finn, Somewhere South of Sane elevates Nourallah to the apex of his art, trading rock riffs for a classical guitar and assisted by the mind-bending instrumentation of guitarist Nick Earl, Nourallah’s bandmate in the Travoltas and a musician he calls a “total freak genius.” Nourallah further explains: “He has this ability to create worlds. Music is very visual to me, and I’ve always seen music in colors. Each of these songs has a sonic world, and Nick is responsible for that because he doesn’t play conventional guitar.”

The 21 tracks that comprise the four-sided Somewhere South of Sane are what the respected musician/producer admits is “the work of a functional crazy person.” He adds, “Spending a lifetime dedicated to any form of writing is a particular form of madness. Especially in the face of the unlikely event that you will ever see much or any monetary compensation.” 

Nourallah, who is equal parts songwriter and producer, creates a shifting sonic landscape that could easily be mistaken for the work of multiple artists. From the gorgeous trance-inducing psychedelia of the opener “Boy in a Record Shop,” to the gut-wrenching self-realization in “I Missed My Own Life,” to the dueling Lennon/McCartney lyrical/melodic axis on display in “Tucumcari,” and the Nick Drake-esque “Moving Man,” Somewhere South of Sane traverses more artistic landscape in one album that some artists could in an entire career. 

In the tradition of nakedly stark, confessional songwriters like John Lennon and Bob Dylan, Nourallah makes no bones about confronting his inner demons on Somewhere South of Sane. “When I was a kid, I was struck by the violence, greed and insanity of the ‘grownup’ world,” he says, “and the only way I found I could deal with it was music. I guess I’m still using the same, crude method of self-therapy.”

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