Exclusive Interview with Music Artist Josh X


Senior Writer: Kamilah Johnson


August 19, 2020

                                                                           (Born Josh Xantus) Raised in Queens, NY


1. How does it feel to be releasing a new release in the song “I miss you”?


It feels really good. This song was in the can for 3 ½ years and it was co-written and produced by J. White Did It (Cardi B., Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage). This is a very special cut and it’s the 2nd hottest song to be added on the radio right now. So I’m very excited about the love it’s being shown.


2. With having experienced the moment of realizing you never know what you have until it’s gone as your personal testimony – how long did it take you to pen this song “I miss you”?


Honestly I was in a bad place, I was really going through it only took me 15-20 minutes to write it. I realized the things I was doing really caused some serious pain and I regret that I did those things in my relationship.


3. instrument?


I play the guitar, I’m self-taught on the strings but I would love to perfect my skills on the guitar. I learned playing with my uncle. The guitar is my second love.


4. With your mom being Haitian, do you get a chance to put some of your cultural background in your music?


Well of course! I had to put that Caribbean flavor in my R & B music it’s my soul – it’s the “SAUCE”. On the new project coming it’s a song on there that really is dedicated to the culture in “Creole Love”.


5. If you had a choice to choose which skill you wanted to hone into which would it be the musician, the singer, the songwriter, or the producer?


It’s me all wrapped into one so I can’t choose one. All of them in different times have given me different phases of success, it’s my bread and butter. If I didn’t have them I would be lost.


6. How was it working wit and producing the likes of Cardi B, Rick Ross, and Jadakiss to name a few?


Its dope. Cardi B is FAM, she is in the camp we was grinding together. Rick Ross and Jadakiss were the first ones to show me love. I love that everyone is showing me love.


7. What did you do to prepare yourself for the upcoming album “The X Project”?


Actually the time I spent during the quarantine really helped me to focus. I was expressing what the New World would look like. I’m excited to show the world would be in my headspace.


8. Did you do the majority of the writing on the new project coming in the fall?


Yes I did.


9. In the future is there any plans to work with the legendary Stevie Wonder &/ or Brian McKnight?


I would love to work with them, and I have met them before. I have been endorsed by them in the beginning of my career.


10. Do you feel that in the music business that it’s safe to say that “hard work does pay-off”?


Absolutely. I came in the business not knowing anyone, no hook ups, and I got a chance to work with my idols and I had features with legends. I know personally what it means to be successful, being raised by a single mom from New York. Working hard will pay off and you will get major blessings if you continue to do the work.




Website: www.JoshXantus.com

Instagram: @JoshXantus

Twitter: @JoshXantus


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