Michigan UFC Fighter Cody Stamann

Senior Writer:  Christobal Flores

August 21, 2017

Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed by Hear Our City Magazine.

I would like to congratulate you with your 1st pro career UFC win. Now that the win has past its back to work for you.

  1. What is the life of a UFC fighter like from the time you wake up to the time it’s time for bed? 

               I train two to three times a day and outside of that I live a pretty normal life. 

2. I see you’re from Michigan my home state also, when did you decide that becoming a professional MMA fighter was your career path? 

               Well I grew up wrestling and boxing. I really like beating people up so when     MMA started becoming popular, I started doing it. 

3. I know your a young fighter and with a promising career in the MMA industry, but before MMA what other sports did you play growing up       and which sport helped you become the person you are today?

              I played Football, Baseball, Basketball, Rugby and Ran track. I think each of those   sports have contributed to the athlete I am today. 

4. Before you received an opportunity to become a UFC fighter your career started with an opportunity as an amateur MMA fighter. Do you         believe this helped propel your career and which  organizations helped you launch your career?

              My first big opportunity as an amateur was with vengeance fight league out of Grand Rapids. That's where I really started to get                       noticed and build a fan base. 

5. I asked you this before, but tell our audience who doesn’t understand how grueling, tiresome, dedicated, time consuming the MMA lifestyle      is?

               I think MMA is the hardest sport in the world because no matter how hard you work or train anybody can take a loss just by making                one simple mistake. You're not trained to be the best on your best day ,but to be the best on your worst day, so it's a 24-7 job. 


6. I see a lot of upcoming fighters are potential candidates for UFC from our home State of Michigan. Why now so much attention to the MMA      sport in Michigan? How bright does the future look for upcoming MMA fighters in Michigan?

                I think the future looks bright for the guys that stay dedicated and keep getting better.

               Success breeds success. 


7. As a fighter do you only commit yourself to one fight academy or do you go to other academy’s?

            I go to multiple gyms. 

8. Michigan has been an inbreed grounds for fighters for the past 10years from fighters in the past, like  Daron Cruickshank and James Lee       both from the UFC and Rizin to mention a few, they both had great fighting careers and are now coaches to you. What’s the feeling like           working with some of the best that the sport has to offer?

             Success breeds success. 


9. Have you ever been confronted by a person who didn’t know anything about you and wanted to pick a fight? Does your mentality go into         hyper drive or sometimes do you just walk away unless there’s no other choice?

               If anybody has a problem with me, whether they know that I'm a fighter or not I will address that problem. 


10. Being from the State of Michigan that’s known as being the Motor City, Professional Sports Teams Top Tier, Famous Musical Artists and         The history of  Detroit and State of Michigan, what influences did you  have growing up that gave you the motivation to  never give up and       keep moving forward?

              I would say my parents gave me the best example of that out of everyone in my life. They both came from nothing and made                             something really positive out of their lives. 

11. What can Cody Stamann tell our Hear Our City audience that we might not have known about you until now?

              I'm a cultured redneck. 

12. How can our audience keep in contact with you and follow your upcoming UFC schedule?

              All my social media is @codystamann