Today (11/8), Little Rock rapper—LO THRAXX—announces the release of the first single and official music video from his debut album, POUNDCLOUD. “Boss,” produced by J Kingsbury and directed by Fresco Grey, is a capsule of LO’s reputation in his Arkansas city. The rapper says of the music video: “It’s set in a smooth upbeat energetic mood, where Lo spits his hard, next level bars over an almost identical Tupac ‘hit em up’ type beat. Giving you his point of view to the point where you’re feeling like a boss in your city as well.”

“Boss” Lyrics:

It's fuck ya
Nigga we got no ties.
I'm bout to cop a yacht and start charging y’all for boat rides.

Tryna ride the wave water diamond splash clarity
I just blew a 10 at the strip club that's charity.
Gotta give back bitch throw that ass back.

Whole lotta money but that boy shol wack.
She got all them likes I don't like ya I like racks.

Put that game on ya hoe and let u buy her back.

Young nigga flexed up
Sliding in that tessla
Nigga get yo check up.
ya shorty need her a check up.
Finesse em till they fed up!
I just wanna be successful niggas know that this shit my life

We can take it there like a priority box.
Came in the world solo I learned that as a tot.
Almost lost a whole pack cuz it flew out the drop.
I'ma boss in my city u can like it or not.

Getting money in the city if u like it a not.
Ima boss in my city I can ya like it or not.
I go off in the city nigga like it or not!
Ima boss in my city of u like it or not
If ya like it or not we on top bitch.

Everyday I wake up boy I gots ta get chips.
Dropped a couple benji's just to fill up all my whips
it ain't 93 Thraxx it can't dare touch my lips!
I got everything don't be asking bout no zips.

I ain't showered in like 2days stinking up the foreign .

Niggas envious tryna pull me from where I'm going

Direct deposit text from the bank I just got more in!
I bust n she keep going

Damn I bust n she keep going. She wanna have my son Ima let u be the 1.

Feds did a sweep locking up 51. They locked up my lil cousin n he bout to have a son .we ain't got no trust funds.

Niggas wanna rap cuz it look easy . U all in the camera tryna look like me!
U talk more then these bitches u gon tell it all G
I'm looking for a check dont be checking on me.
Oh yeah

Shots go to my dogs behind walls aye.
I was broke but I was praying for my dogs.
Look me in my eye u know that Ima boss.
Take a loss and bounce back like a boss

POUNDCLOUD is a masterful collection of ten tracks that provides an insightful look into LO THRAXX’s talent with power beats and wordplay. LO says of his debut full-length album: “This is one of my first thought out from start to finish projects filled with production from 808 Mafia, Trackk sounds, Dj Burn One and many more highly influential producers.”

Since 2010, LO “THRAXX has been making a name for himself as one of the Little Rock’s most distinct voices. “His unique, modern reinvention of Southern hip-hop is sleek and futuristic, while rooted in soulful classic sounds” (HIP HOP DX). He chooses his beats carefully, networking with producers from Houston to Memphis to Toronto, creating a sound that is totally his own. As an MC and storyteller, his delivery is crisp, evocative, and totally effortless. His most recent project is a mixtape called “Formula One,” on which THRAXX shows his versatility, gracefully moving from smooth riding music to more aggressive bangers, all within a certain sound.

LO THRAXX in the press…

Lo Thraxx, the rapper and Little Rock native born Marlo Griffin, has been building up his name for the past five or six years, becoming one of the city's most consistent and adaptable voices.”

– Andrew McClain, ARKANSAS TIMES

“Shot in all black and white the video leaves you hypnotized by Lo Thraxx lyrical flow accompanied with a hypnotic beat that will leave you hitting replay on the visual!”

– Rocko Rathon, THE SOURCE (on Lo’s “Don’t Stop” music video)


“The Jeff Hagood directed visuals feature trippy imagery silhouetted over Thraxx, as he spits braggadocios raps in a smoke filled room with his crew.” 

– Devin P-B, MASS APPEAL (on Lo’s “Run It” music video)

Poundcloud: Early 2018
1. Relax prod by. 808 villain
2. Ness’n prod. By J. Kingsbury
3. Drop it prod. By smookmadedattoo
4. Boss prod. By J. Kingsbury
5. Fortified prod. By Dj Burn one
6. Cool prod. By Cool azz Joe
7. Slow Slab ft. 607 prod. Fresco Grey
8. $lide prod. 808 Mafia
9. Turn Up- prod by T2
10. Thraxx prod. By Trackksounds



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