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This summer (7/28) singer/songwriter—LEENA OJALA—released the highly anticipated music video for her single, “Paper Heart.” Premiered by Atwood Magazine, the single symbolizes the fragile mind and soul that can be easily torn--while the video builds from that, telling a story about the insecurities of growing up. The video’s story is about a girl who is leaving school and hesitant about her future, afraid of leaving her secure school environment behind.

Today, the single is making a huge splash on UK Radio. With this in mind, Leena Ojala is available for interviews, live sessions, and any more single/video features.
Leena says of “Paper Heart”: "’Paper Heart’ is one of the tracks I wrote a few years ago for the acoustic guitar and performed around London. When I started doing electronic music, I reworked the track with Jamie Evans to where it is today. He had some great production ideas that went into 'Paper Heart.' The song was initially about me talking to my younger self, giving advice to an early teen having tough time while growing up.
We made the meaning of the song more abstract while still keeping to the original mood. After I approached Aella with the track, she went away and came up with a great treatment that I thought was just brilliant. Aella has this way of getting right into my songs, feeling it and just making it happen. She always thinks big and goes for a grandiose and ambitious implementation."
Aella Jordan-Edge—the video director for “Paper Heart” says: “The first video I made with Leena 'Why' featured one girl returning to her father’s house and the complex feelings that surfaced. The second 'Little Place' featured a couple moving to a new city and exploring the excitement the city had to offer, but losing each other in the process. 'Paper Heart' features a girl's place within a group of friends on a road trip and her inability to fully be present until she has let go of her adolescent insecurities. I think it's interesting to see the trajectory of the videos grow, starting inwards and small with the issues we're dealing with, and then continuing to expand outwards getting bigger and widening our perspective on who and what we incorporate.
Another point to note is that all my protagonists are female, I always felt that with Leena being a strong female artist, and I a female director which is still few and far between, that telling women’s stories was key. Women can be amazing and complex characters for viewers to empathise with, and we definitely wanted to encourage that. I think this is something the industry is only just realizing and I'm relieved to see more and more female role models for young girls coming on to our screens, although we still have a long way to go!”

Stay tuned for more music to come from Leena Ojala later this year.

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