Exclusive Q & A with R & B Raheem DeVaugh

October 8, 2018

1. How does it feel to be gearing up for the release of your highly anticipated sixth studio album, "Decade of A Love King"?


It is a great feeling. I'm very excited. Right now trying to stay focus on the marketing side of things. Making sure I am very visual so my fans can see and feel my presences, especially with the different challenges with demographics and spanning across different generations of how music is presented - digital versus Cd's. 


2. What is your reaction to your latest single  "Don't Come Easy"  being the #6 R&B song in the country? 


It feels good to have my name in the conversation. It's exciting to be celebrated for all your hard work, dedication, and staying in your own lane in presenting great music.


3. With the new album "Decade of A Love King" is this a concept album to take your fans down memory lane from when you first came on the scenes?


No not really. This is another erotic, poetic, and consistent love experience.


4. How has your life changed since your debut album, The Love Experience in 2005?


It has been a great reward. I have become a great asset. More people rely on me. I have my LoveLife foundation and I have become a true humanitarian in giving back. I have sacrificed and I have lost a degree of privacy. I have had moments of discerning peoples spirit to see who is really for me but its all been worth it.

5. Do you believe that being the son of jazz cellist Abdul Wadud influenced you to gravitate towards music?


My father did encourage me to play instruments but to get into music was solely my choice. Its good that we can talk about music together and I'm  hoping in the near future to get him out of retirement to do some music together.

6. Who are some of your musical influences and have you met any of them?

I had the privilege to rub elbows with some of the greats of our time, I met Prince, Sade, Lauren Hill, Kanye West, Aretha Franklin, and I loved Marvin Gaye.


7. How does it feel to be compared to DweleVan HuntD'AngeloMarvin GayeDonny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder?


It is awesome to be compared or mentioned with the likes of these people. I have a special appreciation for D'Angelo who was a Time Machine. He came out and presented music like no other. This is my mission I loved the 90s but what I bring to the table is that feel with an up to date twist to it - with no sampling but with an authentic moment in time.

8. Fun Fact: Your song "You" was featured in the Grand Theft Auto IV video game. How did that happen?


I was blessed with an opportunity but I'm not exactly sure how it happened - product placement maybe a fan was in decision making but it worked out in my favor and the song "woman" was featured in the Bobby Brown story.


9. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be involved in the music industry?


Be original and stand out! Educate yourself in the business. Be ready for the highs and lows of the business. Be grounded in your God and be well prepared.



10. What are some of the keys to your great success as a singer and songwriter? 


Live in the moment. Be a willing vessel to be used. The music don't belong to us anyways. What comes out of you can possibly save someone's life.

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