Dirtybird Campout East Coast | Claude VonStroke Announces Dirtybird Campout East Coast Phase 2 Lineup & Early Arrival Party With Seth Troxler

St. Cloud, FL February 2-4, 2018

Monday, December 4, 2017 —   More Info + Tickets to Dirtybird Campout East 2018: 


Phase 2 Lineup Includes Green Velvet, Walker & Royce, Destructo, Louisahhh, LTJ Bukem feat MC Armanni, Get Real, Prok & Fitch, Bot, Ivy Lab, Sébastien V, Hector Romero, Dateless, Lee K, Persian Empire, Biyo, Ryan Forever, Danny Kolk & More 


It has been with considered curation and a crazed smile that Head Counselor Claude VonStroke has assembled All Your Favorite DJs In The World for the debut Dirtybird Campout East landing in St Cloud Florida February 2-4. Campers from across the East and beyond will be migrating South for a weekend of outrageous activities, infinite laughs, and of course all-night dancefloor shenanigans soundtracked by VonStroke’s all-star line-up.


The second phase of artists for this wild weekender have just been announced, adding to an already jampacked collection of prime selectors from around the globe. Campers will be treated to the return of Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet’s tag-teaming alias Get Real along with solo sets from both, plus DIRTYBIRD golden-boys and new fan favorites Walker & Royce, G-House specialist Destructo, techno giant Louisahhh, ENTER. artist Lee K, Brighton tech house stars Prok & Fitch, Main Course maestro Bot, New York house icon Hector Romero, as well as rising Dirtybird talent like Sébastien V, Dateless, Vangelis Kostoxenakis, Sao Paolo’s Danny Kolk and more.

Campout has always been about more than four-on-the-floor and the left-of-center programming has been bolstered by the likes of drum n’ bass legends Ivy Lab and LTJ Bukem featuring MC Armanni plus, electro-jazz artist Persian Empire, Future Classic duo Biyo, plus one of the moonshot favorites from Campout West who shut down the Family Set with the biggest breaks tune of the weekend, Ryan Forever. (A few more huge names still to come this January!)


Early Arrival Passholders will be a treated to a Thursday Night Party featuring none other than an undisputed leader of the global house and techno community and overall madman Seth Troxler.


While this may be its biggest musical offering to date, Campout is arguably defined by its off dancefloor programming. East Coast Campers will be treated to a plethora of nostalgic fun. With more than sixty activities they may find themselves shooting a bullseye at archery, straining sinews during Tug-O-War, Kick Ball or a Sack Race, munching on S'mores, taking center stage during the Campout Talent show, Camper Open Mic, Beat Boxing Competition or Late Night Bingo, all while competing alongside their Camper Color Teams for the famed Ironbird Trophy.


The East Coast location is a lush green, tropical paradise, with nine distinct ecosystems, meadows for dancefloors, all surrounded by Florida waters. The location is an actual working Summer Camp, an easy drive from either Miami or Orlando.


DIRTYBIRD Experience Packages have also been released and can be purchased here: 



DIRTYBIRD Campout is 21+


DIRTYBIRD Campout East - Phase 1 + 2 Lineup (ABC)

  • &Me

  • Abi Getto*

  • Adam Port

  • Ardalan

  • Billy Kenny

  • Biyo*

  • Biz Markie

  • Bot*

  • Bruno Furlan

  • Christian Martin

  • Ciszak

  • Claptone

  • Claude VonStroke

  • Craze

  • Danny Kolk*

  • Dateless*

  • Deron Delgado*  

  • Destructo*

  • DJ Glen

  • DJ Tennis

  • Elevator Musik*

  • Eprom

  • Fisher

  • George Fitzgerald

  • Get Real*

  • Green Velvet*

  • Hector Romero*

  • Ivy Lab*

  • J.Phlip

  • Just Blaze*

  • Justin Jay

  • Lee K*

  • Louisahhh*

  • LTJ Bukem feat MC Armanni*

  • Madam X

  • Marshall Jefferson

  • Maximono

  • Mija

  • MK

  • Nick Monaco

  • Pearson Sound

  • Persian Empire*

  • PillowTalk

  • Prok & Fitch

  • Rampa

  • Roni Size

  • Ryan Forever*

  • Ryan Hemsworth

  • Sage Armstrong

  • Salva

  • Sébastien V*

  • Seth Troxler*

  • Soul Clap

  • Stööki Sound

  • Sven Lochenhoer

  • Tiga

  • Vangelis Kostoxenakis*

  • Walker & Royce*

  • Will Clarke

  • Wolf+Lamb

  • Worthy

  • ZDS

  • More artists to be announced in January.