CUCO | Announced as Headliner

for Annual Southern California

Indie/Latino-Influenced Festival

Viva Pomona (Saturday, August 5)

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CUCO | Social Media

This week, Viva Presents announces the lineup for their annual indie, Latino-influenced festival in Pomona, CA—VIVA POMONA. The festival is slated to hit The Glass House on Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6.
Without much surprise, “Hawthorne teenage pop phenom” (Buzzbands.LA)—CUCO (@Icryduringsex on Twitter)--has been announced as the festival’s Saturday headliner. With his sound of teenage heartbreak over abstract chords, lo fi synths, ambient guitars, punchy drums, and lead trumpets that resonate with thousands of music lovers everywhere, CUCO is prepared to take and break hearts of the 900 capacity festival on Saturday, August 5.

Tickets for VIVA POMONA are available here:

Listen to CUCO’s most recent single “Lo Que Siento”:

Catch CUCO on tour…
August 5 – Pomona, CA (Viva Pomona, The Glass House)
August 25 – San Francisco, CA (Rickshaw Stop) SOLD OUT
September 9 – NRMAL Baja (Rosarito, Baja California)
November 16 thru 18 – Emerge Music and Impact Conference (Las Vegas, NV)
Check out some of CUCO’s live performances…
Kinda Neat -
Sofar Sounds -

CUCO in the press…

"Lo Que Siento"—"what I feel" in Spanish—is as sweetly candid a love song as its title suggests, all wavy synths, West Coast rhythms, seductive horns, and sing-song bilingual rap verses like "I promise that I don't see nothin better / than to lay here witchu / and I hope you know I miss you / from my head I can't dismiss you." Though the track marks Cuco's first proper premiere, he can already lay claim to a devoted fanbase of self-appointed "Cuco Pebbles.  - Andrea Domanick, NOISEY

Omar Banos, better known as Cuco, has made it a habit to hug, talk to, and take pictures with every last one of his fans at his backyard shows.  - Ruben Angel, REMEZCLA

Despite Cuco’s mild self-effacement, he’s definitely not boring — just coming of age. At the cusp of adulthood, it’s only natural to seesaw between a sense of invincibility and the belief that you must be the most awful creature who’s walked the earth. On top of that, Cuco doesn’t identify with the average candidate for a teen heartthrob, though that’s what he’s shaping up to be [...] Cuco’s rise suggests that our modern heartthrobs won’t be suave or cynical. Rather than appearing larger than life, they might revel in their realism, a quality that inspires rather than isolates fans. - Cory Lomberg, LA WEEKLY

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