Art Basel 2019


Miami Beach Convention Center   Miami, Florida


December 5 to 8, 2019

Senior Photographer: Nelli Thomas

Senior Writer: Charles Rush

The art arrived from all over the world a few weeks before the doors opened to the public at the Art Basel Miami Convention Center.


The champagne and private jets landed after the art. Art Basel took over Miami with celebrities, affluent CEO's, corporate brands, models, art fans sipping champagne and viewing the world's top art artists' masterpieces under one roof. 


The A-List parties, diverse restaurants, food selections and the massive Art Basel social media signature trending hashtags topics all over the world. Viewing the art was an all day process, The well organized art floor plan allowed the flow of foot traffic to move very smoothly. The valet was full and Uber, Lyft  drivers were picking up and dropping off art fans every minute.


The world famous banana stole the show Art Basel weekend all over the world. People were shocked to hear that a banana with duct tape had sold for

$120.000 at Art Basel. Art fans stood in long lines waiting their turn to take a photo with the world famous banana,


Art Basel has become one of the world's most talked about events in Miami and in the world. Art Basel is the signature  most well respected

art conference gathering in the world.


Art Basel makes a huge economy impact in the Miami South Florida district. The economy impact really helps small businesses around Miami

to increase their sales during the Art Basel weekend. Local transportation, restaurants and hotels industry really does benefit. We are pleased to share

our recap Art Basel photos with our audience,



2019 Art Basel total attendance for December 5 to December 8, 2019, was 81,000 with collectors from all over the world who visited. The Lead Partner is UBS.

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