Twenty Billion Neurons and Millie the Intelligent Avatar

March 12, 2019

Senior Writer: Charles Rush

I Charles Rush had the opportunity to visit the Twenty Billion Neuron’s office in

Toronto, ON for a one on one meeting with the Co-Founder, CEO Roland Memisevic

And his power support team.


Walking into the 2nd floor office as we enter the office, we are greeted by his team

And Millie, the Lifesize in-store avatar. TwentyBN is located in Toronto and Berlin

Germany. As we enter the office, one of the team members was leaving to travel

Back to the Berlin office for meetings.


TwentyBN just closed their first round of crown funding investment of $10 million

Dollars to help TwentyBN move forward quickly with Millie the avatar. The world

Is changing, and retailers are changing the ways they engage and connect with

Consumers when shopping at their stores. TwentyBN realizes this and are the

Front runners with the Avatar concept examples such as Millie acting as Store

Greeter, Brand Ambassador, Store Navigator and many more roles at retail stores.


As I attend more and more conferences, the A.I. topic comes up, and many realize

That A.I. conservations and concepts like Millie, is the wave of the future.

Millie main role is to engage with humans and understand the humans’

Behavior. These behaviors are learned from crowd actors, which is where and how

MIllie currently have learned her current human behavior engagements.


Image walking into your retailers store this week and as you enter the store, standing

In front of you is Millie speaking to you and asking if she can assist you. This is

The future and very soon you will experience this moment soon. A.I is real folks

And the avatars such as Millie is coming very soon.  I would highly suggest retailers

To reach out to TwentyBN and request for more information on Millie. My first

Interaction with Millie the day was comfortable, entertaining and engaging.

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