Q and A with Music Artist Kendra Erika

 January 29, 2019

Senior Writer: Kamilah McLeod

1. How long have you been in the music industry?


The industry itself, about ten years now. Growing never stops.




2. Did you come from a musical background?


Surprisingly, there are very minimal traces of music in my family. Perhaps it skipped a generation.



3. How does it feel to  be a Multiple Billboard Charting artist? Having 3 songs in the top 10 in less than two years to be exact.


It only entices me more to keep going. Now, in paying respects to that sort of accomplishment, I am very grateful. I’m just that person that’s never satisfied, and like I said before, eager to see what lies ahead.


4. How did you coming up with the idea to choose the song "Self Control" which is a remake of Laura Branigan's 80's dance hit.


I have always loved performing that song, and I just knew that by the way it’s lyrically curated, it would compliment and also fit very well with my previous work. It’s cinematic essence and deep house vibe potential were very much intuitively recognized, which led to me wanting to take it to a newer age level and caliber.


5. What was the concept behind the song " Lay it on me" ?


The concept came from a very meaningful and philosophical conversation I was having with my co-songwriters prior to writing. It’s a message saying and reaching out to society and the newer generation to embrace life’s challenges. The lyrics are introspective, in talking about how I handle my own growth process, however, my all around goal is to basically inspire people to let go of fear of success.


6. What is important to you as a female artist  and original in the music industry?


Trends are for the anxious, whereas originality is for the fearless. Being a female in the industry is quite paradigmatic right now. You have more females being used as shiny sexified decoys rather than being on the creative side now. Seeing that and always learning vicariously, is the very reason I always need to be creating so that I can help in the shift to progress. Taste and time are of the essence

7. Are you planning to go on tour soon?

Just tell me when and where and I’m there lol


8. How was your experience shooting the video  for "Lay it on me"?


Windy lol. The El Dorado Lakebed was such an excellent setting for the video and message. I’ve always been fascinated with the desert. Hence, “Oasis”. Maybe this is because I’m from south Florida, where the climate is very different, so I’m drawn to the counter. But, I feel the desert is the true test to mental valiance, which is what makes it such an incredible environmental parallel to embracing the challenges of life.


9. Have you considered doing modeling on the side? 


I’m very flattered. At this point, I do enough photo shoots, so it’s just another component to what I do.


10. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to pursue a career in the music business?


If they don’t appreciate your vision, don’t work with them.

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