On Tour Q & A With Music Artist John Brown

Los Angeles, CA

Senior Writer: Kamiiah Johnson

February 13, 2020

Exclusive Interview with J. Brown

Hear Our City Magazine

By: Kamilah McLeod




Detroit's Very Own J. Brown



1. How does it feel to see your dreams coming true being a successful music artist? It’s a blessing. It’s a rare thing but it’s a huge blessing. I just been grinding and grinding. I’m very excited about everything and what’s to come.


2. How does it feel to be on tour with Elle Varner? One word … Dope. She’s very talented and she’s a cool person to be around. The tour started in Philly and ends soon in San Francisco. We took every city by storm. We did our thang every chance we stepped out on the stage.


3. What are you doing to keep your mind and body fit? For my mind I do a lot of meditation. I try to stay focus and positive. For my physical fit when I’m not on the road I work out and box. If I’m on the road I will go to the hotel fitness room and work out.


4. How does it feel that your new single “Moon” is doing well on the charts and social media platforms? I’m excited about it. My EP Album “Forever Yours” will be released on all musical platforms on 1/24/2020 and it will be 6 hot songs about love and life experiences.


5. Are you seeing the rewards of your years of hard work and dedication to your craft? Yes. Consistency has played a major role. I’m finally seeing a rainbow at the end of the road.


6. How are you balancing your career and your family? I literally talk and facetime with my kids daily. My kids understand what I have to do to take our family to the next level. I’m a very active dad in their lives.


7. Do you have a time frame for a release of a full album? There is no official time for that but I’m hoping for this fall. I’m excited that my highly anticipated EP “Forever Yours” releases 1/24/2020 on all music platforms.


8. How does it feel to be performing on major platforms? I’ve been on stages before and I took a 6 year break. It feels good to be back on stage and I’m trying and doing all I can to stay on it.


9. Do you plan to do any collaborations with any other artists (idols)? Yes. I do plan to do some but everything is about the right time.  I would love to do one with TANK for sure.


10. Do you have any encouraging words for to those who may have been in the industry awhile and not seeing results? Most importantly stay focus, stay true to your craft. KEEP GRINDING! Pursue your dreams regardless. Just know everyone is not going to like you but keep grinding. Progressively get up and go get it especially if you’re gifted.

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