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2019 SuicideGirls Interview Questions

9-11-2019 and

Senior Writer: Kamilah McLeod



SuicideGirls Interview Questions


1. How does it feel to be still in high demand for 18 years now?

It feels incredibly surreal.  I am humbled each day by the women who feel more beautiful and confident because of the work we have done with SuicideGirls.  


2. Did you have any idea of how many women who love to commit “social suicide” for not wanting to fit in?

When I started the site it was a much different time, it was truly an act of rebellion and a middle finger to society to declare that you loved your whole self and were proud of your body.  I am so eternally grateful to the women who believed in the message and the revolution we have been able to start.  Now we are 18, there are girls who are eligible to be SuicideGirls  who have never known a world without SuicideGirls.  They know Lizzo, and being proud of who you are.  It is truly magical.



3. Can we look forward to new routines that are themed to reference pop culture that appeal to the audience?

Of course! J We venture into the spiderverse and dance with the devil in the pale moon light.  The girls twist their way through Jack Rabbit Slims and Greendale.  You’ve got a friend in the SG’s.   


4. Does the community who chooses from thousands of pictures ever choose women who look like plain Jane to be a SuicideGirl?

There is no formula of x number of tattoo vs y numbers of piercings = SuicideGirl.  SuicideGirls are confident beautiful and cope in every variety.  The only common dominator is that they know they are beautiful and don’t need you to think so.



5. How does it feel to have stats like this: 5 million unique visitors per month to your website?

AMAZING, I am humbled by how many lives we are able to touch.  I am most proud of the kindness of our community. It is quite large and yet is the only place online that women can post nude photos and 100% of the comments are supportive and respectful. 


6. Did you ever imagine being able to sell your own brand products?

No but it is super cool coming up with thing that we think the community will love.  We have the most incredible posters for this new tour, a new t-shirt design I am super proud of and enamel pins


7. Is there anything different you are doing to prepare for the Fall Tour?

We held auditions around the country in order to extend the opportunity to the most girls. 


8. What are some of the fan favorites that have the most request?

I think an SG show would not be complete without a Star Wars number, although it might not be the one you are thinking of this tour. 


9. How days will you be on tour before taking another break?

This tour is 68 cities around the US 6 days a week.  It is a pretty intense schedule. 


10. Can we look forward to more movies and video appearances from the SuicideGirls?

Yes we have plans to expand our youtube presence and have an almost complete documentary of the last US tour.  Can’t stop , won’t stop. 

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