Quarantine Q & A Interview with music artist Ladysse

December 19, 2020

Senior Writer: Kamilah Foster

1. In your opinion, has the pandemic changed the music industry?


I believe the pandemic has had a huge impact in the music industry. To me it almost feels like it’s given everyone a somewhat “level playing field” because we are all stuck. We have to actively choose to create in whatever way we possibly can. I definitely had some times of struggle throughout the year, but I’m trying to take it as a chance to reset and refocus on my next direction and new goals.


2. Has the pandemic drawn you closer to your family and fans?

My family is in California so I haven’t seen them since last year! We talk on the phone more often now, which has been great. As for fans, I feel the pandemic has brought out a different side that I wasn’t expecting. Everyone has been so encouraging and I’ve appreciated that so much. Honestly though, I just want to play shows again! It will be extra fun to play local shows because I feel like I actually “know” people here now.


3. Since the pandemic, have you done anything virtually on any social media platforms?

I was super lucky to be a part of the Old Soul Vintage “For the Girls” fundraiser virtual event, with proceeds going towards ISTG - Detroit and other organizations, especially those who support the LGBTQA+ communities! Other than that, I have mostly stayed quiet aside from a few igtv videos. I’ve been trying to use this time to write and take my focus away from social media. I’m looking forward to coming back strong next year!


4. Which albums, songs, films, or outlets have helped you get through the pandemic?

Oh man, every The White Stripes album, Painting of a Panic Attack by Frightened Rabbit, Masseduction by St Vincent, just to name a few albums. I make playlists of songs that have tones or feelings that I like and go for walks in my neighborhood so I can really hit all my senses at once.


5. Is there something you’ve been putting off for a long time, but are now doing with this time off?


Yes! I have been actually learning how to play the bass! I’m obsessed. I feel bad for my neighbors who have to listen to me thumping around to the same songs over and over haha!


6. How has your daily living changed if any since the pandemic?

I’m definitely more anxious about everything. Having to be at home all day gave me way too much time to think about my life. I hope to come out of this pandemic with more appreciation for all of the normal things I’ve taken for granted.

7. Once the venues are back opened up again and safe to perform, what are some of your plans?

I want to play a show at all of them! That is literally my only plan right now haha!


8. Since the pandemic has happened, do you have any new inspirations for your music?

I have so many things I’m excited to work on and try out with my new songs next year! One thing I am thankful for is the extra free time to experiment with my producers. We made little song ideas and sent them via email. It was so refreshing to write music just because we wanted to. No deadlines, no genres, no plans, just writing.



9. Do you have advice for anyone coming into the music industry?

Just keep making music. That is the only way to “make it” in any creative platform. The only way you will fail is if you quit. I still have to remind myself of this almost daily.




10. What something you would like to say to your fans?

THANK YOU! All your messages and videos of you dancing in your car,andstory posts, and playlist adds, literally keep me going. Feeling the connection with you through my music is something I will never take forgranted! SEE YOU SOON!

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