June 8, 2018

Founded in 2016 in the Upstate of South Carolina, by drummer Bryce Chism and lead guitarist and vocalist, Judge Page (both 16 at the time).  Broken Testimony has quickly become a popular 4 piece alternative rock/metal ensemble, playing multiple shows with both local and national acts throughout the Southeast after quickly gaining two additional members; Justin King (bassist) and Nic Delvaux (rhythm guitar).

Inspired by some of the most prestigious musicians in the industry, such as; Breaking Benjamin, Tool, Chevelle, Korn, and more.

The band has just completed a large number of live shows, from multiple unplugged acoustic sets and small local shows to large music festivals around the Southeast.  They have been privileged to have shared the stage with bands such as: Trapt, Devour The Day, Sons of Texas, Famous Last Words, Islander, Flaw, To Speak of Wolves, Silvertung, Shallowside, Wayland, October Rage, The Native Howl, and The Funeral Portrait.

The band has youth and the drive.   Judge (vocals/guitar) , Nic (guitar) and Bryce (drums) all are 18 rounding out the band is Justin King on Bass (the elder of the band at 25).

Holding On To Nothing their full length album will be released June 22nd, 2018.  Preorders of the album are now available.

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All songs written by BROKEN TESTIMONY.

Track listing:
1.    We Never Learned From Our Mistakes
2.    Control
3.    One Day
4.    Fade Away
5.    Instead We Hid From Them, Just Like Our Fears
6.    Blessing
7.    Medusa
8.    We Smoke Them Away, Thinking They'll Burn Off
9.    Unknown
10.    Vitality
11.    But They Just Stain Who We Are Inside

Tracks 1, 5, 8 and 11 are interludes taken came from a poem Bryce Chism (drummer and co-founder)  had written.   The original name of the poem is Cigarettes on School Buses.